Buildable models in-game?

Seriously considering using the UE4 in an upcoming game-simulation, but one of the important facets is that the user, thru a construction dialog, can create models in-game. Does UE4 allow for this?

You can do anything you imagine, the more difficult taks, then more c++ skills and time you need.
There is no engine with such template for what do you want.

You also need to make modular character meshes, with i think, morph targets as well. It will be a lot work considering no mans sky does the same with sometimes… funny results

It depends on how in-depth you want to make it. Placing pre-made objects and deforming them is fairly straightforward, but creating and modifying polygons is more complicated.

Actually, it will not be quite as open as creating any model. The idea is that the user will establish parameters for, for example, a section of roadbed (complete with custom textures and customized striping), and the engine will build the model and pin it to the terrain…that’s perfectly feasible, right?