Build Warnings?

Hello all, today when building a system for marketplace warnings popped up in log saying it can not find files for a total separate project. I have never integrated the 2 projects so can not understand why these warnings would show up even though the build is successful Epic will not accept until 0 warnings. I uploaded the log file the warning begins line 502-505 and again at 1038-1042 using Notepad++. Thank you any help is appreciated.

Does it build for you?

Yes it builds as stated but being a Marketplace Asset I need to have zero warnings.

Copy your project over to a new directory to have a temporary backup.
Delete everything except the content folder and the engine required files, and re-launch the project.

It should re-build all the needed folders/files which should “undo” whatever linking it’s thinking should be a thing but isn’t.

Should you delete too much - copy it back from the temporary back up, and delete the backup once done.

Yes I also had once a marketplace asset to be exact the FPSK project and I had to repair it :rolleyes:.

Thank you Ill give that a shot!