Build us a demo world with a stunning landscape and some UI

**US and Canadian residents only **

Hi Everyone,

We are a startup in stealth mode looking to hire an experienced freelancer, small team, or studio to create a prototype of our virtual world.

We want to build an experience - not a game - that will require a stunning, high fidelity natural landscape that will be the star of the show. The landscape and wildlife will be critical to the success of our project, so, we are looking for artists who take those things seriously.

This prototype will focus on the environment and some UI which will be used to shoot a cinematic trailer. This can be a longer-term engagement if it is successful and you find that you are passionate about the project.

Please contact us at to discuss requirements; payment will be done in US dollars and via PayPal (alternatives may be discussed). Applicants will be required to sign a NDA and will be permitted to use some work as part of their portfolio as described in the NDA.

Please include the following information when applying:

  1. Full Name
  2. DOB
  3. Address
  4. Links to some example work/portfolio
  5. Rates or other compensation expectations

We look forward to hearing from you.
Project Eternal Team