Build UE4Editor in parallel Linux

I tried editing Engine/Saved/UnrealBuildTool/BuildConfiguration.xml and add

< MaxProcessorCount>4</MaxProcessorCount>

and did

make -j4 UE4Editor

But still the compilation shows only 1 in parallel and system monitor shows only 1 CPU busy.

What should I do to make it compile in parallel?

Hey -

I’m not clear on exactly what you’re attempting to do. Are you trying to compile code for / package multiple projects at once? Can you also provide information about the machine you’re using, including the number of CPUs it has?

Hi, I am compiling Unreal Engine (got it from github) in my Core i5 Fedora 21 Machine it has 2 physical cores and each has two logic, that four threads all in all. So when I make -j4 UE4Editor, It is trying to compile 800+ files but only 1 is being compiled at a time as seen from System Monitor. Only 1 core is active instead of 4.

Let me know if using -l [N] first helps? This should increase the the max number of jobs that can be loaded. It may help to use -l5 since the help mentions "Don’t start multiple jobs unless load is below N.

Hi, things got ok now, I just transferred to bare metal it compiles in 3 parallel job for a 4 threaded CPU, that is optimum for me, so 1 core would be allotted for systems functions. In case other get past here, i just did:

make UE4Editor

thats it, the Unreal toolchain takes care of the parallel jobs for you. And oh, my former configuration got only 2Gig Mem, such machine will compile barely, I switch to bigger ram and it got faster.