[Build Tool/Upcoming] Easy Unreal Build Tool

Hey everyone!

I am creating an app that is able to build and package projects easily.

I’m looking at community engagement here to make sure it is a wholesome app and addresses most things that would possibly be required.

Please use this Trello link to contribute:…roject-builder

New ideas go under New Requests please.

This will be put up on Github eventually for everyone to use for free.
Would appreciate anyone who joins the Trello group and adds their inputs.

Also, i hope this is not against Epic’s EULA. If so, would be good if a moderator could reply telling me to stop. Thanks.

Does no one care about this? Am i wasting my time?

I think most people regularly doing packaging have already automated it using either unreal frontend profiles or simple self made scripts.

True, and one of those people is me. Iv been using batch scripts till now. Was excited at having a customized preset driven compiler that saves settings per project. Maybe thats just me. :rolleyes:

I’m also one of those people.
Click a button in Jenkin’s, off it goes :expressionless:

I’m sure new developers would find it useful though.