Build-tool 33.0.0 is missing DX

please tell me what to install in the android studio so that DX (dx.bаt, dx.jar and so on)

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Hey, I just ran into this issue and I don’t know if you had resolved it, but I did, and it was much simpler than the long list of steps provided else where.

  1. Open Android Studio, go into the SDK Manager.
  2. Click the SDK Tools tab.
  3. In the bottom right, check the ‘Show Package Details’ option.
  4. Under ‘Android SDK Build-Tools’ Remove any of the RC versions. I’m specifically using version, and I know prior versions will work.

Changing the build tool version has fixed my issue entirely when nothing else did.

Follow this tutorial: Android / VR / AR Setup in Unreal Engine 5 / 4.27 - YouTube

I recently created an Android game in Unreal Engine and the tutorial works. Consider marking this answer as a solution if my suggestion works.

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You need to upgrade the Android Gradle Plugin in Android Studio and this should also upgrade the gradle version used by the gradle wrapper!

I ran into this error when I wanted to build for api33 for Android. I simply copied the dx files from an older sdk build tools folder. Its only 2 files. dx.bat and dx.jar in the lib folder. Build success again. I understand this is a dangerous but it’ll get you out of it.