Build Time Benchmarking

I thought I would start a thread to try to get an idea of the build times for different hardware.
These build times are of “Realistic Rendering” version 4.4 with UE4 open(minimizing it lets you build faster since swarm gets more of your CPU to use)

Intel i5-3570K @ 3.40Ghz
Geforce GTX 760
SolidState Hard-drive

build lighting times:
4m15s on medium quality
7m54s on high quality
19m50s on production quality

win64 first packaging:

2nd Rig:
intel i5-4200U @ 1.60Ghz
Geforce 820M
SolidState Hard-drive

build lighting times:
4m00s on preview lighting
9m45s on medium lighting

win64 first packaging:

do you think I can run UE4 for a school project and sell budget games as a 1 man army?
my system specs are
Intel pentium g 3220 haswell dual core at 3GHZ
Amd radeon HD 4870 512MB at DX 10.1

Thus far I can run UE4 Cave Demo tech at 35-66 FPS on medium graphic and 720P

I am in university starting a Bsc in Computer Engineering but I don’t want to waste my time on a engine like Unity which looks horrible in graphics quality but at the same time I am not sure if my PC would be able to handle UE4 for development, its clearly for school project game and maybe sell the game for I dunno $5? I could limit the graphics right?

I think you missed the purpose of this thread. With that being said I definitely think you could do it. You can limit the graphics all the down to the mobile platform. If you were going to upgrade anything though I would definitely go for a new graphics card that supports DX 11.

Hi sorry sanford I made this post on your thread when I first joined this forum so I hope it does not continue to go off topic.
But thank you for the response on my query. I very much appreciate it.

I thought that build lighting time depends on the complexity of the level geometry, number of meshes etc. Is this true or not? Maybe you should provide some info about the level that you build.