Build Successful!! Or not...

Hello everyone,

I am trying to get a game to deploy to my android device and I can’t figure out why it won’t.
-I installed TADP and all that is included.
-UE4 reccognizes my device SGH I557.
-I am getting no error messages from UE4 in fact it is saying that the build was successful. I just don’t see it on my device.

Any ideas?

Hi Nmbr_13,

A few questions:

Do you have the SDK installed (I’m assuming yes if the editor is not giving you warnings, just for clarification)?
Do you have the phone drivers installed?
Have you run adb devices in your cmd window to make sure that windows is recognizing your phone properly?
When you package, are you making sure to package to either All or the correct Android package?

I reinstalled the drivers and that got the project showing up. Thanks for that.

It is launching into a black screen now which is progress but I want to see what else can be done.

As I said the phone is a SGH-i557 which is honestly a pretty poor smartphone but the scene is currently a block with a static light and a Top-Down Character Template so it shouldn’t be a problem

Are you able to install it on the device ? sometimes you need to put the OBB in place (manually)

Hi Nmbr_13,

Can you tell me your phones specs? I can check to see if the phone is equivalent to one of the currently supported devices, which can be found here:

Disable HDR in project settings and try again.