Build size issue

Hello friends,

I am trying to make a build of my game for testing purpose and In my game 3 levels are there and all of them have so many assets so its taking so much time to create this build. So to save time I just made a sample test level with no asset and loading that level instead of all those heavy maps, but its still taking so much time to create build and size of that build is also same when I create build of all those heavy levels. So I am not getting why this is happening. In unity it automatically checks and we need to add the levels while creating the build so am missing somewhere during creating the level. Or unreal does not support this?
Please help me.

What platform are you building for? Also keep in mind if you are not packaging as shipping/for distribution the file sizes are not very well optimized because the build times would be even longer. But yeah in general it takes quite a while to package a game with UE4. About 10 minutes for me for Android, for example (with quite a simple project at that).

Packaging does remove assets that are not referenced. See Ben Halliday’s answer to this question. If you only want to package certain maps, you can edit DefaultEditor.ini as covered in the answer to this question. I’d guess that your large levels are specified in DefaultEditor.ini and are therefore being added when you package your game.