Build project using CLion

I’m currently trying to use CLion as IDE for my UE4 projects. I downloaded 4.19 and enabled the CLion Plugin, created the CLion project files and opened the project in the IDE.

Building from the engine works. Now I’m wondering how I’m supposed to build the project using CLion, since the proposed build configurations that are talked about in this [video][2] are not available and it seems like they needed to be set up first:


Also, in my projects settings, there is no “CLion” tab in the plugin section as shown in the [video][2].

I would really appreciate if anyone could help me setting this up :slight_smile:

anyone maybe?

There is an update at the top of this page:

This post is valid for UE4 v4.18 and less. v4.19 has an integration in UBT to generated CMake out of it directly, but not all the PRs have been accepted for now, so it’s currently broken. When the things work, we’ll update the post. Sorry for the inconvenience

It’s not completely clear, but you could read that that CLion is not compatible with 4.19 at this time. The post itself might contain some useful information

thanks, that explains a lot!