Build plugins for different platforms

I made a plugin for the editor, developed it under Windows OS, does the Unreal Marketplace Team build for different OS (MAC, Linux) or only under Windows OS?
If so, what should I specify in the “WhitelistPlatforms” parameter in InstancePlugin.uplugin?

You have to:

#1: Whitelist the platform in uplugin file.
#2: Check enabled the platform on your product page.
​​#3: Ask them to include binaries for the target platforms (sometimes this one is ignored).

thx, I will try to specify
“WhitelistPlatforms”: “Win64”, “Linux”, “Mac”,]

@Babush61 can u past uplugin file? I have problem with correct exclude Android form building target platformlist.


"FileVersion": 3,
"Version": 7,
"VersionName": "1.8",
"FriendlyName": "Instance Editor Plugin",
"Description": "Editing instances of the Instanced Static Mesh Component and HISM Component in Level Editor.",
"Category": "Editor",
"CreatedBy": "Babush",
"CreatedByURL": "",
"DocsURL": "",
"MarketplaceURL": "com.epicgames.launcher://ue/marketplace/content/53814dcaeb194d838817e5563fcf1ec2",
"SupportURL": "",
"EngineVersion": "4.25.0",
"CanContainContent": false,
"IsBetaVersion": false,
"IsExperimentalVersion": false,
"Installed": false,
"Name": "InstancePlugin",
"Type": "Editor",
"LoadingPhase": "Default",

@Babush61 thx, now it’s working.