Build linear wall

Hello everyone, im studing UE for architecture.
Have a way to make linear wall like this, with interface to insert measure metrics [on game mode]?

In a word, no :slight_smile:

You can probably get this sort of interface with a market place plugin, but it’s not native UE.

I’m afraid you just have to make the wall blocks the right size, and then use grid snapping…

Nice, but i want to build walls in game mode, the player construct walls, have a tutorial or instructions to make this? Its possible? like this on game Paralives, how to make this?

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Wow, that’s a ‘whole thing’.

I’ve not a seen a tutorial on anything like this. It would be a lot of work.

Those are procedural meshes.
You can look into generating and altering them at runtime, but it’s very involved.
And taxing to the engine/hardware.

Pretty cool short sample though.

im legit trying to build this too!!!