Build light map shortage

when I wish to improve only several objects’ lightmap resolution(such as 64-512). I have to rebuilt all the scene. Can we have a local rebuilt function for only selected objects that need to refine.
anything takes time to calculate, we always could provide silimar function to avoid wasting time.
maybe these function already existed, I am a new learner. if so, can you tell me where is this function?

Hi Bom_Jacob,

Currently there is no option in UE4 to do just this. I recently put in a request for this feature, however I don’t have the JIRA request in front of me to give a reference number though. There is no timeline for when this will be added though.


thank you for answer. the first time to put my question and get a answer so quick. Although there is some shortage here, but the engine itself is amazing. as a new learner, I really like this tool.

I would like both this and a build all unbuilt objects option.