Build light crash vs. available disc space

Hi, i have a question about the dissc space needed to complete a build light ( let’s say i have a big level)

for example, let’s say i have 11 Go of free space in my HDD, i start to build the lights, the build light does complete 100%, but when UE export the maps after the build, my disc space fall to 1 Mo, and thus Ue crash because i don’t have enough free space to complete the export.

My question is, whre are the 11Go that were previously available? Can i delete them somehow to get my 11 Go back, as Ue crashes, the files created during the build are not saved, but still use the 11 Go … and i have no idea how to get them back :open_mouth:

Thank you !

Hi Wukuku,

You should be able to find and delete the folders in Windows listed below. The AppData folder is typically hidden by default, so you may have to show all folders in order to get to this location. Once there you can delete these folders. If you’ve had previous version of the engine installed these generated folders will be located here as well and it’s OK to delete them too.

Location: C:\ Users \ XXXX \ AppData \ Local \ UnrealEngine \

Let me know if this works for you.


hey thanks for your answer, noting down that 4.7 is crappy :slight_smile:

Btw as i still had to work on this project today, i just put my directional and skylight in Movable, so no build required, shadows are even better and i still have 75 fps with oculus so i guess this will be my solution, but thanks for your answers !

edit : the map is an outside ski slope, so i just have to deal with a direct and a skylight :slight_smile: so it’s a huge map but with movable lights the result is good enough for the use :slight_smile:

This is a known crash with 4.7. It was fixed with 4.8. There was an issue when saving the bulk data generated from Lightmass. This would typically happen on larger light builds.

You can try making a copy of your project for 4.8 and testing it out to see if that resolves your issue.

Glad that you have a solution that works for your for the moment.

Good luck with your project and make something awesome! :slight_smile:

hey thanks, here is a quick preview, i’m affraid i can’t show more as it is for “commercial” purpose :slight_smile:

Good start! :slight_smile:

Feel free to shoot me messages on the Forums in a PM once you start marketing it. It’s always cool to see a project develop over time in comparison to the finished product.

Well my studio is not going to market it, it’s for an other company ( let’s not say Club Med ) that need an oculus exeprience, so I don’t know if the project will belong to us or to them, so it’s a bit tough ^^ it will be a rollercoaster style during 1:30 min an i’m doing this alone ( i just got out of shool and i’m still in internship x) so that’s definitely not my go or my decision to merket it :confused:

Ah. Well all the best of luck to you and the company. :slight_smile: