Build iOS c++ project on windows

It is possible to somehow build (and deploy) unreal 4 game for iOS (the game is c++ not a blueprint project) without owning Mac ?
(I have apple developer account, provisioning profile and few iOS devices for testing).

I’m back to iOS development after some break, previously (2 years back) I was able to develop native iOS games (on my own engine) on virtual machine with OSX installed
(vmware + Mavericks + XCode). The performance was reasonable (host was i7 + 16GB RAM) for porting & debugging simple games both on simulator and real device.

Now back to the question, did someone installed UE4 on virtual OSX machine and tried to build package ?
The main problem I see is that the virtual machine will have only ‘basic’ video card (with 32 - 64 MB of VRam) so running graphical UE4 editor is out of question,
but do the ‘commandline’ version of builder need graphics card to ?
(I simply dont want to waste my money to buy Mac that I will use only to build package from time to time)

i think they are working on it.

But yeah i’m also interested in your question. Since compiling shaders on the Mac Mini (Late 2012) sucks. Even when i’ve got a better version than the oem mac mini.

I was able to do this with a VMWare OSX image. You can do the remote build from the Windows host. And you are correct, running the editor will not work as it crashes immediately upon launching.