Build in IDE vs Compile in Editor

Recently I discovered that sometimes Build option launched from IDE (didnt matter its VS 2017/2019 or VS Code) do not actually build solution. More precisely, yes it build something, but Editor refuses to show and use that changes inside of it.
On the other hand, if I press Compile button in Editor it would, as expected from name, compile whole solution, and also finally start to show and use new code as it should.

Is this normal? Because most, if not all, tutorials specify “…after that use build option in you IDE…”, which is dont work for me for some reason.
I tried to reinstall both UE and Visual Studio with all possible addons and plugins combinations, but it dont fix problem.

From my own experience I can say that the IDE works very badly with UE. For unknown reasons, IDE sometimes sees UE, sometimes not. Sometimes deleting folders (Saved/Intermediate/Binaries) helps, and sometimes it doesn’t help either, so I always compile from the editor. Some people advise using live code, but personally, in my opinion, this is an even more inconvenient thing, because sometimes I often have to change the headers, and the speed of compilation from live code does not make me happy. In my opinion coding c++ is very very weak point of UE because of this.

If you are just building the solution yeah, it won’t work. You need to actually close the Editor then build & run the solution to re-run the editor with the updated code. I surely not recommend the Compile button inside the editor, take a read: Hot Reload and Live Coding | UE4 Community Wiki

So wait, Editor literally have button “Screw everything”?


Hmm, but I used this button for two days and it didnt break anything for me. Strange.
Well, I think I will continue to use it. I git-ed my project, so I dont care if one per 100 compilations it would break something.

I use it since open release UE4 and it never broke anything.