Build HLOD Actor Folder Error

While building HLOD, several warnings will pop up, many of which do not appear to be warnings, but rather, basic information regarding the process.

However, one warning appears fixable, as it pertains to several static meshes within the scene, each of which must always be saved each time before the -Build HLOD- command will run. (These static meshes should only be saved once unless altered from what I have read in the documentation).

The error occurs for each and every object prior saved, all containing the similar line
“LogLevel: Warning: Actor folder FB8DDB5C~ for actor SM_StaticMesh_Bluepint_C_1 encountered when not using actor folders”.

What causes the ‘Actor Folder’ error and how can it be fixed?


Having the same issue here

Same warning here, I see the warning while playing in PIE, and when it happens some blueprint actors just disappear. I’m using UE5.1, anyone knows a fix or explanation for this?