Build GStreamer on Android platform (Oculus Quest 2)


I’m trying to build application that is using GStreamer plugin (GitHub - wongfei/ue4-gstreamer: Render video content to texture via appsink node) on Android (Oculus Quest 2). There were many problems that I stumbled upon like missing libraries, vorbis encoder error and problem with a size of wchar_t, but finally I managed to finish packaging process and get my *.apk file, but GStreamer still did not work.

That’s what I got when I was starting app in log on Oculus device:

This led me to a conclusion that propably I missed some libs or dlls. I found out that on android there are no dlls file but *.so instead. And here we come to my current problem. When I downloaded GStreamer binaries for Android, I realized that in the platform folder (for me arm64) there was not *.so files in binary subfolder. On Windows version I have there dlls files that I can load using PublicDelayLoadDLLs(). I found on the Internet (unfortunatelly, without information about compilation version) but when I add it to Build.cs file and load my application crashes without any reason. I checked the log on Oculus and only error I found was OVR54112166 error. I will attach my Build cs, custom xml file and log.

Any help would be great,

GStreamer.Build.cs (Android section was added by me, Win section came from plugin)
GStreamer_APL.xml (978 Bytes)
0 KB) (this file I made myself, so it can be wrong)
VRMedMobile.log (136.0 KB) (only message that indicates crash is “--------- beginning of crash” at the end of log file)