Build geometry 4.6 problem

After update my project to 4.6 every work fine, but when i make a build geometry not work.

start but stop, no messages, nothing, and not make a correction to landscape.

someone knows whats going on? I try and others maps and still happening

thks a lot.

Hi Chicolinohehe,

What scalability settings are you using?

Hi ,
i try in EPIC and LOW,
get same result,
build geometry window process open and close.
In 4.5.1 the map work fine after build geometry.

Thanks for regards

Does this occur on a blank project with no additional content or is it limited to your project?

Occur on a blank project.

if u make some modification in landscape, everything work but

after u save the map the problem appers again.

look to a simple video.

i create a blank project.

migrate third person character

use StarterMap and create a simple landscape.

Video show the problem.

link text


As I installed the 4.6 preview did not download the 3.1 gb but only 1.1 gb. I will reinstall the 4.6 again. Bring the test response soon


Sorry for take your time .

The problem is scalability when texture is set low. Only set Epic and landscape work fine.