Build for Zenfone 2

I am testing my project on my Zenfone 2, the CPU is Intel Atom Z3580.

I found Support x86 and Support x86_64 is cannot be checked In Settings->Project Settings…->Platform->Android->Build. It prompt “This requires GitHub source.” Is that mean I need to build the engine from source?

When I click Launch to my phone the project is running, so is it running in ARM emulation?

Yes, armv7 emulation is provided by the Houdini library on Atom based Android devices like the Zenfone 2. If you want to build a native Intel (x86 or x86_64) APK you need to recompile for that architecture; we only provide precompiled armv7 libraries with the launcher. You will need the source from GitHub and rebuild the editor.

Thank you for your answer. I tried to build the engine, but failed with errors. You can see the error in Answer Hub.

I install Nvidia CodeWorks 1R4 instead of AndroidWorks 1R1 because CodeWorks support VS2015.
Because GenerateProjectFiles.bat will generate VS2013 solution by default, so I run “GenerateProjectFiles.bat -2015” to get the VS2015 solution. Is it improper to do that? Or I should stuck with VS2013 for Android development?

I haven’t tried 1R4 yet but it looks like you’re running into a problem just compiling the editor for Win64. It shouldn’t be trying to compile OpenGL for the editor unless you are targeting either Mac OSX or Linux. I see your AnswerHub was assigned to support so they should be able to help you.

From another AnswerHub post I realize the release actually is 4.11 not 4.10. I download 4.10 and build successfully, and I can compile x86 Android package, it run so much smoother than ARM emulation. FYI I changed the CodeWorks from 1R4 to 1R3.