build for linux (ie ubuntu) 32 bit editions

Hi I run a 32bit is of ubuntu 14.04 lts and I would love to run this program but ou only provide a installer package for windows. Personally it would be great to be told instructions on installing this on ubuntu as I can get a 64bit and install it. I just need instructions on installing this sweet program on Linux.

UE4 only supports 64-Bit linux:

If you’re looking to run the editor on Linux you have to compile it:

Make sure you have a powerful enough computer to run it, which could be an issue if you’re using a 32-bit operating system.

You have the instructions here, but remember you need 64 bit linux.
Anyways, while with Unreal you have to follow all those steps, Unity engine recently have released a sweet installer. (just press next, next, next, install).
I don’t want to sound like a troll. Just saying :stuck_out_tongue:
c’mon Epic…cough, cough… em… :wink:

PD: I’m also observing that through their linux version of their engine you can also access their assets store page (like their Epic launcher equivalent)…so more ehem, ehem, cough…:wink: