Build for IOS Platform on Linux Operating System | Unreal Engine

I have a game made in Unreal Engine. My Operating System is Fedora 23. I was successful in building my game for Android platform. But I can’t see any documentation for building the game for IOS in linux OS.

I was referring this link - iOS Quick Start | Unreal Engine Documentation

But it has documentation available only for Windows and OSX. I also have the certificate files and the mobile provision file which is needed for building

My question is - Is there no way I can build my game for IOS in Fedora OS in Unreal Engine?

Thanks for your help in advance.

Hey rahul-

Packaging for iOS is not supported for Linux currently. To package for iOS you will need to either copy the game to a Mac machine or copy it to a Windows machine that has the ability to remote in to a Mac (to do remote building).


Doug Wilson