Build fails every time I change any bit of code while having the editor open, any workaround?

I can be changing anything, even text in quotation marks, but when I press build it will fail. The only way that will let me build is to close the unreal engine editor and click build, then it’ll be successful, but that really takes a long time and is inconvenient.

Is there anything that anyone has figured out to fix this?

(apologies if I put the wrong tags, I have no idea which one to choose)

Thank you.

Yes, if the editor is open you won’t be able to build normally. All the dll’s generated by the build process are in use by the running editor and cannot be modified until it’s closed.

You’ll want to look into Live Coding. This allows a lot of code modifications to be compiled slightly differently and patched into the running build. There are still quite a few changes that require closing the editor to build or else your patched build won’t work. Header changes mostly from what I understand, I don’t personally use it.

Hi beweew!
I am new to the forum. Can you send the error message that is displayed? I think it will help us better to find a solution to your problem.