Build Failed

Hey there,

so today i decided to test-build my game to see if there are any errors i need to resolve if i want to build it at a later date.
Now the build failed 2x in a row and i can’t see why. The error is really not giving a lot of information for me to go on, so maybe someone here can see it?


Someone can help me here?


It seems that you having the same problem as this guy → After build, Unreal Editor closes after 10s - World Creation - Unreal Engine Forums

Read the entire thread, it seems to be related with a missing file and textures.

hope this helps.

I’ve read it and i can’t really find a solution other than copying everything into a new project which would be hard as i have a couple GB’s of data linked together.

The error seems to be:
LogBlueprint:Error: [compiler] Error The current value of the ’ [ 0] ’ pin is invalid: PinSubCategoryObject on pin ‘[0]’ is NULL and PinSubCategory is ‘’ not ‘self’

But it doesn’t really tell me which blueprint.

Anyone can help on this without having to copy it all in a new project?