BUILD FAILED when enable the "for Distribution"...

I want publish my Gear VR app to oculus store,so i enable the “for Distribution” and packaging my project. It BUILD failed!

But it’s Packaging all good and work fine when i disable the “for Distribution”…

Here is Log

Please Help me find out what happened?

I guess there is something wrong with signing apk,please help me ~


Is it possible that your folder name " CubeRun_4.11.2 4.12 - 3" is mentioned incorrectly …It doesn’t look like a valid folder name … ?


I had this exact same issue last week. Here is a few things I had set up wrong…

  1. Make sure you create the keystore and place the file into your build folder. Also be sure that you put the proper name and password in your edit>Project Settings>Android…Distribution Settings.
  2. Sometimes chooses to package as Android All fails. Try packaging as ETC1 instead. Doing this worked for me.