Build failed System.IO.FileNotFoundException: ProjectName-release.apk not found


Currently I’m trying to build my game for distribution, and experiencing a strange problem at the moment when the AutomationTool finds keystore file and tries to sign apk with it. Build fails with System.IO.FileNotFoundException and says that ProjectName-release.apk file not found. I checked the path AutomationTool mentions (C:\Users\UserName\Documents\Unreal Projects\ProjectName\Intermediate/Android/APK/bin), and noticed the absence of such file. But the folder contains a couple of files with the similar names: ProjectName-release-unsigned.apk and ProjectName-release-unsigned.apk.d instead.

How can I solve the signing issue?
Thanks in advance.

EDIT: Usage of both slashes and backslashes in the same path is not a typo. AutomationTool log shows exactly that.

Sorry, the problem occured because I didn’t double check the project settings before building. I had a typo in the keystore reference. Now build assembles correctly.