Build failed on Windows, error code -1073741819

Hi, why i cant launch game on PC? It works in PIE mode though… :confused:

It says Launch / (in log - Build) failed, Client exited with error code: -1073741819

I am attaching some short log…

Thank you…link text

Hey lukas84,

What version of UE4 is this happening in? Can you build a blank project?

Hello Jonathan, i am using 4.5.1 C++ project, with UMG (however thats not probably the reason of error) and also with Localization (LOCTEXT macros in my C++ file and then using Blueprints function “Find Text in Localization Table” - this works good in PIE, but may be it could be reason of the launch error, since i didnt exctract the localization files from C++ yet…)

I know there is quite complicated process of extracting localization to some special files.

May be this is the reason.

Yes another blank project works.

Or dont know what it could be else… but need to fix it, since my game is almost finished now :).

Thank you :slight_smile:

and btw i am able to package the win32 project (i am using shippment type) and it says ok, but when i try run the exe, nothing is opened

YES LOCTEXT macros are the reason of error… if i comment them it works. So hope i will manage the localization somehow

it is due loctext macros

For future reference, error code -1073741819 indicates an access violation inside UHT, which means that we have a bug somewhere. If you run into this again, please let us know, so we can fix it. Thanks!

Adding the following code at the end of a relatively inconsequential class (which is working as intended with no weird features) causes this error :slight_smile:

	//UPROPERTY(EditAnywhere, BlueprintReadWrite, Category = "Spline Racer")
	//	static TArray<USplineComponent*> Splines;

	//UPROPERTY(EditAnywhere, BlueprintReadWrite, Category = "Spline Racer")
	//	static TArray<UTimelineComponent*> Timelines;

//TArray<USplineComponent*> ASplineRacer::Splines;
//TArray<UTimelineComponent*> ASplineRacer::Timelines;

Also, if you happen to know how to have a static set of components that an individual can select from, please let me know! :wink: