Build Failed in while packaging for android devices. (ISO C++ forbids forward references to 'enum' types)

I’m using unreal engine 4.14 to package my project. I have Web browser plugin activated. However i’m getting ISO C++ forbids forward references to ‘enum’ types error. Just wondering what’s wrong. Do I need to make any changes in order to run it on android device.

I have attached by log file.

link text

Hello. It looks like a compatibility issue. Which VS version are you using?

I’m using visual studio 2015.

It’s strange then. The error can be gotten around with a compiler switch but since UE4 compiles fine for most of us, you shouldn’t need to add any switches. Perhaps you could try creating a project template and building that without any changes?

I have tried packaging a clean project but no luck it shows same error.
Is there anything which I can try out now ?

It’s doesn’t get packaged for new project as well. But I’m able to package it for windows (.exe)

Before we dig deeper, I’m a bit confused. You are trying to build an HTML package for Android? Have you considered building an Android package instead?

I’m trying to build for Android package only.

Oh I see. Sorry. The HTML plugin threw me. Then the only thing I can think of is that the Android toolset isn’t the right one or isn’t installed correctly. Maybe it’s a version of Clang that’s stricter about forward references than UE4 is expecting. Android builds are notoriously stricter than Windows, so these kinds of errors come up a lot, but not for engine source in a template project.

I agree with Jin_VE,

Try packaging a clean project to see if you get the same results. If not, then we can assume that there is some issue with the project itself.

Let me know your results

Sean is the one to listen to but I think the next step is an inventory of the external tools and the editor/project settings related to them. Did you follow this guide?

Haven’t heard back so I’ll put this in an answer and hope for the best.

It looks like a compatibility issue with the android toolset. You might want to try uninstalling everything related to android development and follow the instructions at this link: