Build failed ( for 64 bit )

hi first time I started to learn something about game engine so UE4 was so easy to use than other ones and I started to learn on simple project for learn something and development you can find it here but when I try to build my own project its gave me build failed error whats wrong with it ? can you help me please

link text

Do you have Visual Studio 2015 installed, including all of the necessary C++ and Common Tools content that you must manually select through the installer?

yes I have all of them but still I cant

Looking at the log, this is the error I’m seeing: “You are attempting to compile on a machine that does not have a supported compiler!”

Are you able to compile a project using Visual Studio? For example, if you create a blank c++ project, add a new class, and then compile through Visual Studio, is it successful?

today I tried many things such reinstall Visual Studio , change user, etc after decided to reinstall ue4 after test result was interesting 4.11 can do everything without problem but yes there is a problem on 4.10.4 even when I try to create new project as C++ but in 4.11 preview 6 no problem I can create , complie

So using 4.11 Preview 6 has resolved your issue? To be clear, when you are using the preview, you are able to compile and package projects?

It is possible that there is a bug in 4.10.4 that was fixed in 4.11, which would explain why it is working for you in the newer version.

yes 4.11 works perfectly I can edit my project, I can play, I can create C++ projects, I can edit C++ or complie but in 4.10.4 I cant maybe problem because of not from us, because of bug in the 4.10.4 as you said but Im glad such my problem is gone