Build failed: failing to copy over files

Hello. I recently installed UE4 on windows 10 64bit and it is refusing to build any content example or project examples. Here is a screenshot of the log.

It would appear that it is failing to copy over UE4Game.pdb. I have not been able to find any fix on .

I suppose, it could be due to using of the incorrect path by installer. Please, take a look at this link:

I think, it is the same problem and the easiest resolution for it is the reinstalling with the path in “Program files”.


Please look into the link that NatalyaK provided. If that does not work, please reply back with a text document of your full output error logs for this project. Also include whether or not you’re on Unreal Engine 4.10.2, or if you’re using a source version of the engine.


That worked perfectly NatalyaK, thank you.