Build Fail with Engine.locres (4.22)

After pulling down 4.22 from the Perforce server, and integrating it into our local builds, were failing with this error:

>LogTextLocalizationResource : error : LocRes ‘C:/work//Integration/UE4/Engine/Content/Localization/Engine/en/Engine.locres’ is too new to be loaded (File Version: 2, Loader Version: 1)

If I revert Engine.locres back to the previous version (from 4.21) Im able to get thru a full build fine.

Im not finding anything on the forums mentioning this though.

As far as I can tell our files are up to date, including the FTextLocalizationResourceVersion::ELocResVersion enum.

Any thoughts on where else I can look for something we may have pulled down incorrectly?