Build explosion emitter from several emitters?

i’m totally new to UE and experimenting for something i’ve got in mind.

I need (wanted to) to do a tile-based game with a fixed top-down-camera with explosions and so on.
My problem is, that the frames and perfomance drops massivly if i spawn more than 200 emitters with the starter content explosion.

So i wonder, is there a way to “pre-render” an explosion and to combine it in only one ermitter?

For example if a bomb as this explosion radius:

[FONT=Courier New]X

I would need 5 emitters to spawn an explosion on each tile. Each one of them would be calculated for itself.
Is it possible to build only one emitter for it, so i only need to spawn it in the center of the explosion and it looks as if 5 emitters exploded?

I hope anybody is able to follow my thoughts an could help me :confused: