Build error Plugin does not contain the module, but it lists it

So, I’m not really sure what happened. I packaged the game before, and didn’t have this issue, but I’ve added a lot to it now, and it wont package. This is the error I’m getting. I’ve tried uninstalling, and reinstalling the plugin to the engine, but that did nothing. I saw someone on a similar thread say to install it to the project, but it looks like it already is. Any ideas what could be causing this issue? Thanks.

UATHelper: Packaging (Windows (64-bit)): ERROR: Plugin ‘DirGravity’ (referenced via GravityGame2.uproject) does not contain the ‘DirGravity’ module, but lists it in ‘F:\UE4 Projects\GravityGame2\Plugins\DirGravity\DirGravity.uplugin’.

Not that I 100% know what I’m looking for, but it looks fine to me. There is a /binaries, and /intermediate/build folder, each with the Win64 folder, with items in them. I do have Visual Studio installed, but I’m not the least bit familiar with it.

It may be worth mentioning that I have cloned the file, and thus renamed it, so maybe that has something to do with this issue? I strictly use blueprints, and I don’t think it affects those at all, but maybe it affects the plugins?

My wild guess is that this plugin don’t have binaries to build configuration you trying to make and on that platform and you don’t have Visual Studio installed to build it yourself.

Check in /Binaries and /Intermediate/Build in plugin directory if you got one corresponding to your build configuration and platform, if not you will need to install Visual Studio (or corresponding build tools for target platfrom), optionally contact author of the plugin.

Still don’t know what was wrong. But I cloned it again, opened the folder containing all the files, deleted everything I figured I could get away with deleting. Re-opened the project, and used to clone as a reference to fix a bunch of blueprint errors. Now it packages fine again.

Hi there. Having the same issue currently. As “trial and erroring” my way through this I noticed, that this can also be caused, if the plugin version added to a project isn’t the same as the one which can be found in the engine install directory. Maybe this helps!

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You are a freaking genius!!! Updated a plugin through the launcher and it was now ahead of the version in my project’s folder. Once I copied my project’s version back to engine directory, everything was good. So thank you!!!

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