Build error in C++ using Widgets

Hello everyone

I’m having an issue with Widgets that are declared in C++

In the private member variable class UMainMenu* Menu that attributes is set to private:

No problems there. However when declaring the methods with it’s implementation I’m getting a build error within the InGameLoadMenu() where it is stating on line 48 that “declaration of ‘Menu’ hides class member”

Okay I said to myself this is new? When I commented out the statement of UMenuWidget* Menu = CreateWidget<UMenuWidget>(this, InGameMenuClass); it builds just fine. Vice versa it throws the same build error.

Can anyone assist in finding a way to change the syntax so it builds safely and correctly without, seeing this error. I have a github account but it is set to private, for anyone that wants to see the code in full, my github account tag name is: brandonfullerue4sc

Many thanks for any assistance and for the time in reading this issue.