Build error for Android

I am trying to build my project for my Samsung s6, but it fail on launch. It seems to me that my project cant find my maps for my game. I have list all of my maps in project settings, but I got error message “PackagingResults:Error: Error Launch failed! Unknown Error”. The path for my three maps are StartRoom, Kitchen and Garage, but for some reason my project want me to start path with a /. I have even tried to uses the following path /Game/TopDownBP/Maps/StartRoom, /Game/TopDownBP/Maps/Kitchen and /Game/TopDownBP/Maps/Garage, but got the same error. Any suggestions on how I can solve this problem?

You must set the exact location for your maps.

Something like: “/Game/Global/Main/MainUI” – oh you wrote that already…

Have you tried deleting your Intermediate and/or Saved folder?

Tried your solution and the problem with path is now solved. But its still not launching my game on Samsung S6 and is it safe to delete Intermediate?

Intermediate is safe to delete. It will just regenerate itself.

Have tried to delete Intermediate folder now, but still got problems with “PackagingResults:Error: Error Launch failed! Unknown Error”.
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Try to delete also Binaries and Saved folders (but it may reset settings of your editor).

Solved my problem, but I have to move everything to a new project.