Build difference between shipping and shipping with "for distribution"

I have an android application that executes an http/https download. That application is for windows and for quest 2. I am pushing the builds to the quest via sideloading, so no store involved yet.

My builds:

  • development - works like a charme
  • Shipping - works like a charme
  • Shipping with “for distribution” marked and signed with an keystore - doesn’t work

There are no other difference to the project or the project settings.

What could cause this?

Permissions? I have in the manifest:


I also have android:usesCleartextTraffic=“true” in the manifest although both http and httpa don’t work.

Tried full rebuilds, also don’t see any errors in the packaging or in the device log of the quest 2. All I can say is that it looks like the download never starts. The tool has an error messaging if it is aborted or successful, but that never fires. Trying to print the currently downloaded bytes always says 0.

Banging my head against this for 2 days now. Any idea is appreciated! Thanks!

Howdy, rePewt and thank you for posting.

This documentation will go over the different build configurations.

While you did not receive an errors on your end, I did find some potentially relevant reading material for builds similar to yours involving a keystore.

I hope this information helps.

Hi, thanks for the reply and information. Sadly, I am still where I was.

My application is correctly signed, I confirmed this by output log and by uploading a version to the oculus store. Their automated signing, security and malware tests all came back without errors and the app was released to a beta channel(not public yet).

So the whole process works, just that download over http/https stops working once it’s a signed Apk. It also does not work when I take that same signed build and sideload it directly to the device without the store process, which lets me believe that it has something to do with the build and not with the store.

I’ve also found that documentation regarding the build differences before, but I can’t find anything there that explains a difference between

  • shipping build
  • signed shipping build with “for distribution” marked in the packaging settings

Am I missing something?

Thank you for your time!

I’m looking to attempt a download like this using runtime files downloader plugin. Were you able to figure it out?

Hey, I did. But I can’t remember the exact steps. If you can provide some screenshots of your blueprint where you do your download and maybe explain where it hangs for you, I should be able to help.