Build broken on Mac with BUILT_FROM_CHANGELIST non-zero

So I am having trouble building UE4Editor on Mac with BUILT_FROM_CHANGELIST set to a non-zero value. I am setting BUILT_FROM_CHANGELIST to the value of the most recent official build so that our DLLs/dylibs load properly into the current official build. I have built UE4Editor hundreds of times successfully like this on both PC and Mac, and it has worked great for the past year and a half, just today it suddenly began causing issues (actually after moving my development folder from one drive to another). See the error log attached below.

Essentially the error message is:

LogModuleManager:Warning: Found module file /Volumes/Dev/UnrealEngine/4.11/Engine/Plugins/SkookumScript/Binaries/Mac/UnrealHeaderTool-SkookumScriptGenerator.dylib (API version 0), but it was incompatible with the current engine API version (2843242)

I have tried running with the -clean flag beforehand, manually deleting the dylib in question, deleting the Engine Intermediate and Binaries folder, deleting the plugin Intermediate and Binaries folders, but it always fails again with the dylib built apparently with BUILT_FROM_CHANGELIST set to 0. I have checked the date on the dylib and it’s fresh (from a few minutes ago).

Pulling my hair out! Any help would be appreciated.


a1011:4.11 zorro$ Engine/Build/BatchFiles/Mac/ UE4Editor Mac Development
Setting up Mono
Building UBT...
	 0 Error(s)
Building UE4Editor...
2016-02-01 14:03:10.955 defaults[8229:74485] 
The domain/default pair of (/Users/zorro/Library/Preferences/, IDEBuildOperationMaxNumberOfConcurrentCompileTasks) does not exist
Running command : Engine/Binaries/DotNET/UnrealBuildTool.exe UE4Editor Mac Development -deploy
Compiling with MacOSX SDK 10.11
Building UnrealHeaderTool...
Compiling with MacOSX SDK 10.11
Performing 29 actions (8 in parallel)
[1/29] Compile CorePrivatePCH.h
[3/29] Compile Module.Projects.cpp
[4/29] Compile Module.CoreUObject.1_of_4.cpp
[6/29] Compile Module.CoreUObject.2_of_4.cpp
[8/29] Compile Module.UnrealHeaderTool.cpp
[7/29] Compile Module.CoreUObject.4_of_4.cpp
[5/29] Compile Module.CoreUObject.3_of_4.cpp
[2/29] Compile Module.Json.cpp
[9/29] Compile Module.Core.2_of_7.cpp
[10/29] Compile Module.Core.3_of_7.cpp
[11/29] Compile Module.Core.1_of_7.cpp
[12/29] Compile Module.Core.5_of_7.cpp
[13/29] Compile Module.Core.6_of_7.cpp
[14/29] Compile Module.Core.4_of_7.cpp
[15/29] Compile Module.Core.7_of_7.cpp
[16/29] Compile Module.SkookumScriptGenerator.cpp
[17/29] Link UnrealHeaderTool-Core.dylib
[18/29] Link UnrealHeaderTool-Json.dylib
Generating UnrealHeaderTool-Core.dSYM
[20/29] Link UnrealHeaderTool-Projects.dylib
Generating UnrealHeaderTool-Json.dSYM
[22/29] Link UnrealHeaderTool-CoreUObject.dylib
Generating UnrealHeaderTool-Projects.dSYM
[24/29] Link UnrealHeaderTool
[25/29] Link UnrealHeaderTool-SkookumScriptGenerator.dylib
Generating UnrealHeaderTool-CoreUObject.dSYM
Generating UnrealHeaderTool-SkookumScriptGenerator.dSYM
Fixing dylib dependencies for UnrealHeaderTool
Generating UnrealHeaderTool.dSYM
-------- End Detailed Actions Stats -----------------------------------------------------------
Total build time: 122.03 seconds
Compiling with MacOSX SDK 10.11
Deploying now!
Parsing headers for UE4Editor
  Running UnrealHeaderTool UE4Editor "/Volumes/Dev/UnrealEngine/4.11/Engine/Intermediate/Build/Mac/UE4Editor/Development/UnrealHeaderTool.manifest" -LogCmds="loginit warning, logexit warning, logdatabase error" -Unattended
Ensure condition failed: RegisterMountPointDelegate.IsBound() [File:/Volumes/Dev/UnrealEngine/4.11/Engine/Source/Runtime/Projects/Private/PluginManager.cpp] [Line: 476] 
LogOutputDevice:Warning: === Handled error: ===
Ensure condition failed: RegisterMountPointDelegate.IsBound() [File:/Volumes/Dev/UnrealEngine/4.11/Engine/Source/Runtime/Projects/Private/PluginManager.cpp] [Line: 476]
FDebug::OptionallyLogFormattedEnsureMessageReturningFalse(bool, char const*, char const*, int, wchar_t const*, ...)[/Volumes/Dev/UnrealEngine/4.11/Engine/Source/Runtime/Core/Private/Misc/OutputDevice.cpp, line 441] [in UnrealHeaderTool-Core.dylib]
FPluginManager::ConfigureEnabledPlugins()[/Volumes/Dev/UnrealEngine/4.11/Engine/Source/Runtime/Projects/Private/PluginManager.cpp, line 476] [in UnrealHeaderTool-Projects.dylib]
FPluginManager::LoadModulesForEnabledPlugins(ELoadingPhase::Type)[/Volumes/Dev/UnrealEngine/4.11/Engine/Source/Runtime/Projects/Private/PluginManager.cpp, line 517] [in UnrealHeaderTool-Projects.dylib]
FEngineLoop::AppInit()[Runtime/Launch/Private/LaunchEngineLoop.cpp, line 3014] [in UnrealHeaderTool]
FEngineLoop::PreInit(wchar_t const*)[Runtime/Launch/Private/LaunchEngineLoop.cpp, line 1177] [in UnrealHeaderTool]
tchar_main(int, wchar_t**)[/Volumes/Dev/UnrealEngine/4.11/Engine/Source/Programs/UnrealHeaderTool/Private/UnrealHeaderToolMain.cpp, line 60] [in UnrealHeaderTool]
main[/Volumes/Dev/UnrealEngine/4.11/Engine/Source/Programs/UnrealHeaderTool/Private/UnrealHeaderToolMain.cpp, line 18] [in UnrealHeaderTool]
start Address = 0x976d25ad (filename not found) [in libdyld.dylib]
LogModuleManager:Warning: Found module file /Volumes/Dev/UnrealEngine/4.11/Engine/Plugins/SkookumScript/Binaries/Mac/UnrealHeaderTool-SkookumScriptGenerator.dylib (API version 0), but it was incompatible with the current engine API version (2843242). This is likely a stale module that must be recompiled.
LogCompile:Error: Failed to initialize the engine (PreInit failed).
Error: Failed to generate code for UE4Editor - error code: CrashOrAssert (3)
UnrealHeaderTool failed for target 'UE4Editor' (platform: Mac, module info: /Volumes/Dev/UnrealEngine/4.11/Engine/Intermediate/Build/Mac/UE4Editor/Development/UnrealHeaderTool.manifest).
a1011:4.11 zorro$ ls -l /Volumes/Dev/UnrealEngine/4.11/Engine/Plugins/SkookumScript/Binaries/Mac/UnrealHeaderTool-SkookumScriptGenerator.dylib 
-rwxr-xr-x  1 zorro  staff  428692 Feb  1 14:05 /Volumes/Dev/UnrealEngine/4.11/Engine/Plugins/SkookumScript/Binaries/Mac/UnrealHeaderTool-SkookumScriptGenerator.dylib

Update: I completely nuked my UE 4.11 root folder and did a clean checkout from git. Still happens.

Also note how the build step counter is off on Mac. Build is done when it reaches [25/29]. This does not happen on PC.

Ok the solution was to modify the change list number in Engine/Build/Build.version to be consistent with the one specified in Version.h, then clean UHT via Engine/Build/BatchFiles/Mac/ UnrealHeaderTool Mac Development -clean and build.

hi i think i have the same problem (not sure) can you explain what is version.h is?