Build Blueprint Capable of Input and Animation Set links, needed for Demo release (Public)

Hello, i am the founder of the mainly modification group Elite Force Games.

Many have left over the years, i have worked with a lot of good modders in Tom Clancy’s games, and it’s been great.

I have a working concept not fully implemented, some animations for functions relevant to a core mechanioce are not implemented, into a BP for Char and Anim BPs.

Here is footage of my Project, with End Screen linking to another clip with a vision mode, after.

As you can see, the default 3rd person animations are used in the video, i have a very nice set of Mo Cap and some other Animations for UE4 skeleton that need some editing, input linking, and final implementation for PC, Console, Mobile (Mobile later.)

like rev-share, royalties will give you as much work as you need, with as much credit and compensation as you earn.

Site for Story, info and contact:…mopmente4-demo

@Mods, i know i may have another recruitment, that was a general adv. It should be deleted, could you, if it is not right to keep it?

Game Jam Entry Was Suggested for this Proejct of Mine, or this one above& could be shortened: