Build.bat building on machine without VS2013?

I’d like to set a batch file for my team so they can compile and be only required to download and install the MSVC…

When I call Build.bat with arguments(in oreder) “MyGameNameEditor” “Win64” “Development” MyGameDirectory\MyGameName.uproject" the result seems to be pretty good I get the editor dll I want and am able to start editor.

Would this be the way to go?
If not how would I do it?
Am I better off using the UBT directly?
Does everyone need the engine source code for this to work?

Okay, well its seems I don’t need to actually make any personalized batch files! When opening the .uproject, the editor attempts to compile the code for you. Great! I’m surprized this is not advertised anywhere in the documentation or have I missed it?
If I understand things correctly all you need is MSVC and thus a copy of VS2013 on you’re computer (why microsoft does not allow you to have the compiler alone is beyond me…). I think this is the only requirements…