Build app bundle (.aab) with 32 + 64 bits apk


I want to put 2 apk files (armv7 and arm64) into a single .aab file in order to upload it in Google Play.
I’ve tried this method (Open gradle with android studio and export):

But nothing. I can export an .aab file correctly, but it only contains the arm64 version.

Did someone find a way to archieve the .aab file with both of apks?

As far I know, there will be support for this in the 4.24 version, but I would like more to keep myself using older versions for android development, since 4.18 can reach stable 60fps and 4.23 unstable 40fps with frame drops to 0fps every 3 seconds in the same device, third person template. If nobody found a way, then I will take the update,