build and launch

Hi all…
I have pressed the build’s button but when i press launch the game is total different from that i maked…
I mean normally if i press the button 1 it goes to the room 1…now if i press the button 1 it goes in the same level!
Why? What i have to do? the light and the game are differents…

Maybe i found the way…I can adjust it in the option? Or it’s a bug?

Make sure you set your settings correct.
Project settings → Maps & Modes.
If you do load level with a blueprint please provide a screenshot.

this my settings…
Uhm…you mean if i have used only this map? I used 5 maps

Where do you have assigned the button 1 to load level? could you make a screen shot from that? I think that it goes wrong at that point if your settings are correct.
You mean this? This is the menù(1 button)
This is the level blueprint of the first level

It looks fine. Maybe there is some where getting a load level node being called so check everything to be sure.

what could be the problem? i didn’t understand…
in the launch i can’t change map… whatever button i press… i return ever to this map…

I don’t see a problem in this blueprint but if you get returned to this map everytime.
Maybe there is a actor or a level blueprint from your other maps.
That has an beginplay event and that loads your map again.

you mean a player start? Yes in the next map i have the player start

Launch on Device is more for quickly testing changes on one map, and it only sends the map you currently have open to your device. If you’d like to use multiple levels, you’ll need to package the game using the File menu > Package Project. You can check out the documentation here for more info. Hope that helps!

So it’s normal that the light are differents?
these are the lights when i test
These are the lights when i launch
What are the light that i will found when i pack the game, in the exe?

I packed but i will have only the first map…like in the launch…
Ps…I saved the packet on the desktop…why it appears in the stagebuild folder?

It’s a bug?

It’s a problem of the Engine?

It depends where things like the lights are set up - if they depend on information from other levels, it’s possible you’ll get different behavior in launched and packaged versions.

For packaging, also make sure that you’re specifying which maps to pack - take a look at the settings information here. For the lighting question, you may want to post in the Rendering forum as well. Thanks!

but i have to do the launch on each map?