Build a Team Globally for 3D Character/Modeling/Rigging ARTIST!

**Looking for 3D Character/Modeling/Rigging Artist **

Requires a Character / Model builder / Rigg skill, 3D UE Artist.
Experience is a must. (must provide portfolio for review).
Must have a Resume and Portfolio to be emailed:

3D Modeling Character
Rigging Character
Importing MoCap
Importing other recognition platforms
Able to develop design Humans.

We are a company that has developed a team of people that focus on AI Interactive Avatar technology.
We pay under Contract bases, up to $250,000.

You can work remotely, Globally.
This can be a full-time or part time contract.

Please submit a resume and portfolio of your work to:
Sample Landing Page:

I would like to Interview you at a scheduled Date and Time, and answer any Q&A you might have regarding this Posting.
Please reply with a schedule, that will provide 60minutes (1hour) for Q&A.
We Interview Monday – Thursday from: 10:00am EST (New York time) till 4:00pm EST (New York time)
Reply with a Date and Time, to interview and Chris will reply to confirm each scheduled date and time.
All Questions will be answered in the scheduled Interview.

**Please review the link: REVIEW THE VIDEO PRIOR TO INTERVIEW: Agora Video Compilation: **Agora Brands Group Inc - YouTube

We are always looking for:

  • Senior Software Engineer
  • UE & Unity 3D Avatar Engineer
  • Senior Character Artist Designer
  • Rigging Artist
  • Animator
  • Technical Animator
  • Technical Artist
  • 3D Visualization Specialist
  • Facial Animator

To make the Best AI Technology TALENT EVER.

Chris Mitic

Hey Chris, your company looks really interesting and I’m wondering if you’re only looking to bring individuals on board, or if you’re open to working with established teams? Cheers!

Looks like a scam. Landing page isnt working, main site is like from 2000`s made with a constructor lol, which is wierd for a company like that, no adress of a company on site, here he is ABG Inc. on site hes LLC, phone on a site is not answering, photo gallery is just random pics, facebook is clean as a cucumber and hes hiring for 250k on ue4 forum lol seriously?
Hes saying they making avatars for sites, but he has no avatar on his site, just a bunch of videos with a poorly made characters NON interactive.
"Requires a Character / Model builder / Rigg skill, 3D UE Artist"
Really? Model character builder? Rigg skill? LOL
Whats the point posting such things???

It does seem odd that the Facebook page only shows videos of work that is created by Epic or some other company. Why is there no work that they themselves have created? This seems very fishy to me as well. A bunch of clips that show work done with Unreal and all done by other people. Nothing that I see in these videos is anything close to an “interactive” avatar. The way they are presenting these videos is as if it is work that Agora Brands has created themselves. It looks like they are starting from the ground up and have no technology or IP that they themselves have created. I think steering clear of this would be wise.

Agora Brands Group, would like to answer some of the questions out there.
Sorry about or images or technology that isn’t up to standard, we are a start-up and not ready to show our completed technology.
As for our Videos, most of the Avatars on there,are designed for other Clients and have been used as a Pitch Avatar and or Interactive.
Some are concepts, partnership approved and or designed by our Staff/globally.
Our definition of AI Interactive Avatar technology, is the following:

  1. Face Recognition/Interactive registration
  2. 25 fluent spoken languages / w triggers
  3. Live and trigger MoCap
  4. Interactive Live on Website platforms, we have not released yet.
  5. Live Interaction on all Platforms.
  6. App to design your own Avatar for all Devices.
    And because our technology is mostly backend technology for Interaction, we are now looking for talented designers.
    Our clients are requesting LOD 1 - LOD 8 and also Interactive level 1 through 4.
    Sorry, we don’t do game designing or development.
    We deal with very large Brands/Companies and IP licensing/Estates.
    Our technology is different and so is our marketplace. So is our partnerships and concepts.
    If you have any questions; you can email Chris directly:

Sorry if there is a misunderstanding.

Why show videos of work you did not do? You never explain that in any of your videos. You are showcasing them as if they are your work. Most of what you are showing Epic had a huge part in making! So you come on an Epic forum and try an take credit for something they made? You are offering 250K jobs to artists and animators and yet your website looks like it was made for less than $100? You list all of this technology and it has all been done by other companies. I am 99% sure that you have not created one piece of original artwork, animation and or created any programs that do lip sync, facial recognition and or anything related to digital interactive avatars. You claim to have all of this and that nobody is better at this work than you and yet you display their work and not your own? At the least you could explain on your website, Facebook and Youtube channel that none of the videos are your creations and give credit to the companies that were involved. Come on man nobody on these forums will buy this ****! You need to move on and try this con job on some other community! This one is great! You recorded the original video and put it on your page. You claim he is a Level 4 Avatar? That he will be able to speak 25 languages? Did the creators of Vincent give you permission to do that or use Vincent? This is a huge Joke! OMG please moderator ban this person!!!

I guess yet again this is a BS of a delusional crazy guy who thinks that he makes breaking new tech.
Its like there is a million web pages of ppl calling themselves a gamedev studio but in reality its just a bunch of clowns playing gamedev studio.
This guy is the same.
But i had my fun ^^

On the Agora Brands Group Facebook page they actually have this video. Agora Brands Group - Agora Avatars | Facebook
It is titled “Agora Avatars” When the video starts the first thing you see is text that says, “Agora Brands Group Presents- Digital Avatars” So what are they presenting? Characters that were made by Epic and others from a year or two years ago! Basically the way that video is presented is trying to pass this off as their work! Not cool and not professional! I do not know why someone would be so stupid as to post all of this publicly on a forum from the company that had a major role in making all of the content you are claiming is yours! This Chris Mitic is a complete idiot!

So basically you want people to come work for you for free. Create the artwork, animations and code that will drive these avatars using Unreal Engine and other programs. You keep referring to “technology” that you own and or created. Why not show off an example? Why? Because you have nothing to show! You want people to come in and help you create something that more than likely will never reach the level of what Epic and these other companies have achieved. You want them to come in for free with the promise of funds that you say Epic is giving you grants for. Funny how Epic released the list of all of the companies that have received grants and Agora is not on the list or ever mentioned in anything online! You should stop trying to scam people out of work! This is complete dishonesty and without me and others calling you out, you would have just kept taking credit for what others had done. You are a loser! Get out!