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My name is Deepak Thakur, Director of Abhay Education Private Ltd. An EdTech Company aimed at providing required education to the masses. We are looking to make a short film ■■■ a Music video which will be based on the ancient story of Gajendra which is found in an ancient scripture Srimad Bhagavatam. For more details about the story, I am providing a google drive link, you can look into it. Gajendra Moksha LEELÄ-20210719T131946Z-001 - Google Drive

We also want to use the song by Willow Smith and Jahnavi Harrison “ Gajendra “.

You can go through the lyrics which describe a part of this pastime, where Gajendra is helpless and is offering prayers to the almighty. We want this song to be at the heart of this video. It will use all the latest technology to present the story graphically in the best possible manner.

The duration of the short film can be anywhere between 5 minutes to 10 minutes. Which includes 3 minutes of the song. Duration is flexible as well and we can decide according to the theme of the video and the message that we want to convey.

Our purpose for making this video is to make the general mass attracted and inquisitive towards the story and characters of this story and make them inquire more.

We want to make it as realistic as we can see in a movie named “Lion King”. Or “ The Jungle Book ” and " Weta Digital’s ‘Meerkat’ Real-Time Hair & Fur Short | Unreal Engine"

We would really appreciate it if we could make a team to make this video. We are open to everything. Maybe, we can collaborate and do many projects in the future. Our company will take care of the funding.

Looking forward to further discussions on this.

Thanks & Regards

Deepak Thakur

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Having read your post my first thought was that you put your standards extremely high, but may be unaware about the cost and effort involved to get what you seek. The quality you are looking for (like the Lion King or Jungle book) will cost around $100.000 per minute to make, or even more depending of the complexity of the script. As you are looking to get a 5-10 minute video, at that quality you would be looking to pay at around $1M, and it would take about a year to complete for a team. Maybe you should consider lowering your expectations and aiming for a simpler result.

Although you write

It may be worth reconsidering what you want to expect. For a simple cartoon (like something similar to this commercial: Video Advertising Agency Animation | Cartoon Style Animation - YouTube ) you may be able to get away with less than $10.000 for the whole 10 minute video if you make a lucky deal, but even there you will probably end up paying more if you plan to contract the whole process out.

Also, it may be worth browsing the forum here a bit to have an idea what other job offerings look like as you may be able to better phrase your call then. You might even end up going to another forum in the end where you can find more matching offerings.

I hope your project succeeds, good luck!

Somewhat you’re right but there are places like Kickstarter and if the project is meant to be - it will succeed there if the work is great

I like the idea, you just need a team and gather funds from outside is not that hard if you can present your stuff professionally and wish you the the best with it!