Build a "scene" in blender can i import into Unreal

Hi folks

Newbie question: Brand new to game design and the engine and what not. Please forgive it this is a blanket yes/no answer.

I have yet to tackle the engine itself im focusing on skilling up for a few weeks on tutorials on all areas. and storyboarding my game interactions and screens and things

QUESTION: If i build a artistic 3D palace scene in say blender… complete and textured colours and amazing. Can i then import it into a game level? Or does it need to be in bits some how and assembled.

It would be a (forgive the term if it is wrong) a level that buts up against my main level (seamless) before you then go out into a less detailed city.

Just curious. As i have some original art and things that i would like to use as an architectural base and design a building and garden around it.

many thanks.

I think you can do it either way, but it may be best to separate the props (like doors, furniture, trees) from the floor plan so you can reuse them in other levels you have. :wink:

  1. All the materials will need to be worked on since materials from blender do not translate directly to materials in UE4.
  2. Each item should probably be a seperate mesh for reuse, collisions, materials, etc.
  3. You can build a whole scene in blender, lots of different meshes, and import the whole scene into UE4 and the relative transforms will be preserved. After importing you can simply add the whole batch into a Blueprint and everything will be where you expect it to be.

So what you want to do is definitely doable. But it will need some work once you import it into UE4 to get it to look like how it looks in blender.