Build a level in Max / Maya / Blender then one-click import

Is it possible, using Max / Maya / Blender to build a level (a cityscape for instance), then use a dummy to connect components (ground, buildings and trees), and then import entire level into Rocket?

Of course, importing it as one mesh (FBX, OBJ or other format) would exceed vertex limits. But is it possible to import a group of meshes, without needing re-assemble whole lot in Rocket?

Hi David,

I’ve already requested a feature like this through an earlier question in anticipation of people wanting to do stuff like this.

But at very least, it’s nice to know that something along these lines is already being considered.

Hi Markus, thanks for your reply. Actually, I read your suggested feature earlier this evening… yours is such an excellent, common-sense idea, and I’m pleased to see that Epic is considering it. My query / request is slightly different, involving importing entire levels, with spatial relationships in DCC package preserved (using a group or linked hierarchy). Hopefully, both ideas will get implemented.

Hi David,

We have certainly seen this to be a fairly common request among Rocket users, and reports have been made and submitted to devs for consideration. Your input has been included.


I’ve been searching for a way to handle this easily in UDK for a long time now, and as much as I want to jump into UE4 (especially with this amazing licensing structure - thank you Epic!), lack of this ability is holding me back.

I know Unity automatically will find your assets (if they are in project directory) and will automatically import them as a group, so competitors are definitely doing this. I really hope Epic can make this happen for us soon!

Hey @ideefixe

Sorry for delay in response. This is an old Archive post from our beta users, put here for reference. If you’d like, you can start a new post about this topic and we can look at it there with updated information. Thanks!