Build 1711197 initial feedback

just uninstalled the old build and installed the new one.

the first thing I tried was opening projects created in the previous build and it wouldn’t let me, it says I need to recompile the modules or something along those lines, I did try rebuilding the solution and got 60 errors even though when the old build was installed I got no errors rebuilding the solutions.

I do like the new tools layout, I would have put the tools buttons along the top rather then at the side but its still good.

I hate the fact the UI layout is saved with the games so I have to keep changing the layout every time I start a new project, I think it would be better to save the preferences somewhere on its own so I would only have to change the layout once, but that’s just my opinion.

I noticed that if I right click on a skeletal mesh I now have the option to import LOD’s witch is awesome, still cant import LOD’s for static meshes but hoping it will be introduced in a future build.

I still don’t like not being able to minimize the content browser.

and finally when I click on the “new” button in the content browser instead of it opening the menu so I can choose what I want it really quickly selects something at random, don’t know if its a bug or not.

Hi Michael, thanks for the feedback. Some of your suggestions are already documented and are under consideration, and I’ve added a report for one that was not.

The issue with the “New” button is interesting. We are aware of the issue occurring and have fixed it internally. I am currently not able to reproduce the issue in the Rocket 1711197 build, but since you are experiencing the issue, try repositioning the Content Browser to allow ample space either above or below for the dropdown menu. If the issue persists, just use the Right-click function.

For the errors with the project made on an old build, if you feel there is a potential bug causing errors which you cannot resolve, please create a new, separate post with information regarding the issue.

Generally, for any issues or difficulties you are experiencing, we do ask that you create individual posts so they can be tracked and responded to accordingly. Simple feedback is acceptable in groupings, although we do not mind them being separated out either.


hi Stephen,

I usually just right click but I just tried your suggestion about the “new” button and found if I move the content browser to the top of my screen the dropdown works fine but if I move it into the bottom half of my screen the dropdown menu only comes up roughly 1 in 20 times I press the button and just creates random assets the other 19 times. I usually just right click

while it happens with all the old projects the only old project I wanted to open was the shooter example but rocket gives me a message saying “The game module ‘ShooterGame’ does not appear to be up to date. This may happen after updating the engine. please recompile this module and try again”, I know how to build the solution but im not a coder and not even sure if I know how to recompile using VS, so its probably me not a bug.

I would have split it up but as its just my initial impressions of the new build I put it in one post, if you want me to create a new post for any of it let me know witch bits and I will.

No need for new posts from any of this unless you want to get more information regarding the old project. Everything else, I have already handled.

The “New” button issue should be resolved by the next update, it just appears to have been included in the Rocket build.

Thanks again.

Regarding loading up old projects - it’s expected for old code projects to have some errors because we’ve changed a lot of engine classes and functions. While this is normal for any engine update, it’s especially painful now because we’re trying to make a lot of code optimizations now while it’s early instead of spacing it out and causing a great deal of headache for a long period of time.

If you’ve modded the old ShooterGame, there’s a couple ways to update it to the new version and make it compatible with the latest Rocket release.

  • You can migrate your content over to the new version and hook it up again.
  • You can reference the Upgrade Notes section of the Release Notes and make the appropriate changes to your C++ files
  • You can diff the old and new ShooterGame C++ files to see exactly what’s changed and make those changes to your modded ShooterGame

ok thanks :slight_smile: