Bugs with landscape holes?

Hello, I can’t seem to find a resolution to an issue I’ve been having with landscapes in ue4. What I’m attempting to do is cut holes in my terrain, but when I do so the material for the affected component is either reverted to the checkered pattern, or pure grey in some areas. I have 2 holes in different components, and each of them has changed from the set material to one of the above. I created and applied a separate landscape hole material as directed in the documentation, and built all to make sure that wasn’t the issue. Basically my holes are being created, but the affected components material is being changed to the default. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi SE_JonF,

Would you mind posting this on so we can better assist you? Thank you and have a great day!


Hey Adam,

I posted a message there earlier. Was hoping to get a response either here or there as currently I am unable to progress further in my environment.


Bumping. Still cannot find a solution to this issue, has anyone else come across this?

Hi there. Have you let all the shader compile after you paint the hole? if you have a slow computer it could take a while. While the shaders are compiling the affected quadrant will be grey/checker’d but after the shaders get down to about 50 you should see the material gets restored. After you’ve done it once as well even if you ctr z the checker problem shouldnt re-occur. let me know if that works.

For what is worth, I seem to recall finding a “hole” in one of my landscapes when I imported it in from another program. And while the landscape works fine in UDK, it didn’t in UE4. One other thing was that I did adjust the z scaling factor of the landscape to 0.5 and I am not sure if that was a factor in causing the landscape hole or not.

Yes, the first thought that came to my mind was it was due to compiling. That however was not the issue, since even after it finished and everything was built I still had a purely grey area. (It wasn’t checkered). Still have yet to find a solution to this issue. =/

Have you been able to fix this? I’m having the same problem. As soon as I try to paint a hole in the landscape, a part of it turns grey. The material is set up as written in the documentation.

Hey guys,

I was a bit confused by this too but it turns out there’s another place to apply the material. You need to make a copy of the landscape material, set to masked, and then set the LandscapeVisibilityMask node to be the OpacityMask input.

Then you need to actually go into the landscape actor details panel and apply the landscape hole material to the holematerial slot. Maybe you didn’t apply the hole material?

As some extra info, there are some problems with the area of the landscape with a hole still having collision when playing inside in the editor. We’ve fixed that up for the 4.1 release.

Any updates on this from anybody? I am trying to show my class something new but it still (even when creating a copy of the original landscape material and turning on the Opacity Mask and placing it in the Landscape Hole Material Slot in the Details menu) is giving me a hole with a black-ish surrounding color. Rather frustrating and I have been trying multiple avenues to try and find a work around. Any new information is greatly appreciated.