Bugs report: image in widget disappear after packaging to iOS

I was creating a menu on ue4. And when i test on mobile preview. everything is ok. When i package it to my mobile iPhone 5. It shows nothing all white. And i can’t make screen shot on my phone when i open the application. So my problems are two:

  1. why the image becomes all white on mobile
  2. why i can’t use iPhone’s fast screenshot when i open the packaged application. cuz the quick screen shot works when i close this application. I think it is a bug
    The following photos are my “mobile preview” on pc, my level blueprint, and my widget

Howdy yinichai,

Thank you for reporting this issue. I am going to need a bit of additional information so that I may be able to further investigate. Would you be able to clarify if you are using a Binary or Source version of UE4? What is the exact version that you are currently using? In the second image, what BP graph are you using to Add to Viewport?

I have attempted a quick repro of this issue internally and have been unsuccessful with seeing any errors. Any additional information regarding this is greatly appreciated,

Thanks and have a great day!

Hi i fixed the problem. The image is not power of 2. i changed it to power of 2, then everything solved. Thank you

Hey Yinichai,

Glad to hear that the issue has been resolved. If you happen to run into a similar error in a later build, please be sure to reopen this issue so that I may be able to further investigate.

Thanks and have a great day!