Bugs and Feedback

Hi Everyone,

I’d firstly like to say to Epic, Unreal is well err Unreal. Thank you so much:


So far I’ve only found one which is amazing for an initial release, the high resolution screenshot GUI function crashes the editor and output’s corrupt files. Obviously using a Cvar get’s around this one. Not important, but thought it’s worth mentioning.


Ok as a Unity Pro user there are some good things to take:

Profiler: Keep an eye on Physics, Opaque geometry, culling and other performance related statistics to help streamline your game.

FPS and display counter: Really could do with some more information like Tris count, Draw calls, VRAM usage.

GUI: I know it’s a work in progress guys and I’m not at the stage to really look into slate for the moment, but more documentation examples / tutorials etc. would be great. Hooking Scaleform into source even with a team of 10 is a nightmare and I’d like to avoid such scenarios if Epic has something up there sleeve let’s know.

Partner integration: I gather some smaller or mid sized indies can afford or would like a package deal with UE4 for addon’s such as Enlighten, would you consider offering these additions through the marketplace?

Finally SpeedTree: I love SpeeTree any news or feedback regarding the SDK for UE4 would be great.