Buggy\Weird behavior with Nvidia Surround (shipping and dev. packed proj.)

The weird issue (the game actually runs in surround on 2 GPU’s using them both) is Enabling the spanning to work.

Here is how it works. for my setup (2x GTX570 1.2gb , 3x1080p monitors (landscape surround) )

  • If game is in full screen > exit full
  • screen Set surround resolution Enable
  • full screen.

Don’t Alt TAB because the left and right monitors stay black when you return to the game

If you don’t exit full screen and set the resolution the left and right monitors stay black as you are running at 1080p

I think this has to do with the way UE4 handles windowed mode. NV surround kinda fakes 3 displays when snapping and maximizing windows (windows 8.0 )
so you don’t end up with a window that’s wide and has only text in the center…

Well that’s my report I hope it helps ! Cheers !

Hi Midnight640,

SLI is not supported with UE4. You would need to add the support via code yourself.


This previous post will provide a little bit of clarity on how you could implement it if you wanted to pursue a code route.

Thank you!